The do's of pranking

The do’s of pranking

The do’s of pranking

After the death of an English nurse at the center of an infamous prank call, we decided to share with you some guidelines on how to best use the comedic form known as pranking:

  1. Research – Before you perform a prank do your research. Without proper consideration of your mark you have less control of circumstances and therefore the outcome – no matter how good you or your material may be.
  2. Get consent – While some prank shows are unscripted, the majority aren’t. They are instead carefully played out within a controlled environment. Usually consent is granted from a relative or friend that knows the person can take a joke. If you can’t get this, you should reconsider what you’re doing.
  3. Adapt – Even best laid plans veer off course. It’s important to frequently gauge the audience and adjust the application of your material. If at any stage you sense as things are turning sour, abort.

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