Which Trailerpark Personality Are You?

Ever wondered how your life would’ve turned out if you grew up at a Trailerpark? After taking this quiz you’ll be none the wiser!

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    Who is the best Country singer of all time?

    • Garth Brooks
    • Willie Nelson
    • Johnny Cash
    • Dolly Parton
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    Your favourite everyday weapon?

    • Pistol
    • Shotgun
    • Flamethrower
    • Rocket Launcher
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    Favourite drink?

    • Jim Beam & Coke
    • Moonshine
    • Beer
    • $2 Wine
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    How do you prepare your food?

    • I take it out of the paper bag in the fast food parking lot because I can’t wait until I get home.
    • I pull out the lead shot after shooting whaterver crawls past the back of the trailer.
    • I heat up the ready-to-eat meal in the microwave after taking it out of the freezer.
    • Doesn’t matter becasue I’ll probably puke it up later on anyway.
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    What’s your beauty routine?

    • After waking up in my own piss (again) I down 3 beers and crank out a wet fart.
    • A line of coke and half a can of Axe body spray.
    • A muffin for my figure, a cake for my complexion, and a bucket of KFC because I’m hungry.
    • Drop off my 5 kids at my mom’s (two trailers down) and then head over to my boyfriend for some meth.

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