How to find out if you're funny

How to find out if you’re funny

How to find out if you’re funny

1. Improve on a top YouTuber’s video – If you can expand upon an existing funny concept and quickly gain views, you know you have the ability to mix it with the big boys. Watch guys like nigahiga, shanedawsontv, smosh and communitychannel to get started.

  1. Make the Queen’s Guard laugh – They are notoriously known for keeping cool, but if you accomplish this and manage to avoid being intentionally shanked by a bayonet, you’re possibly, maybe just funny enough.
  2. Ask yourself if you’re funny – If you can’t answer “Fuck yeah, Kev!” to this question, you’re playing the wrong game. If you don’t believe you’re funny, no one else will. Comedy is about marketing yourself. So sell your body now.

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