How To Be Funnier

How To Be The Funniest Person At Work

Now if you wanna be known as work’s funny man / woman? Here are some top tips to help you be the it-person:

Be friendly. Most people wait for others to make the first move, especially in work relationships. We’re all weird like that. But how do you expect to capture your co-workers’ tears of laughter inside a creepy neck vile if you don’t know them? So start being that girl / guy.

Be Friendly
Pop Copy wrote the manual on being friendly…just ask Ralph Henderson (Dave Chappelle)

Be attentive. Following on from above – ask questions, questions and more questions! Remember the details about the individuals you come across. This is what you need in order to build a good reference base for making heart stopping funny.

Be Attentive
Gladys is a great listener…

Start mixing. Mixing involves combining two ideas to form a new funny idea. @midnight hosted by Chris Hardwick perfectly epitomises an example of this concept. As I write the show’s most popular mix tonight is #BoozingTVShows, a mix of alcohol and television shows! Fans playing the hashtag game have come up with gems like ‘Beers’, ‘Whose Wine Is This Anyway’ and ‘Miller’s Lite Crossing’. Our submission was…’M * A * S * H * E * D’ geddit?

Start Mixing
These motherfuckers know what’s up…

Do the opposite. If you’re taking the coffee run order and Bob requests a “muffin” read an “apple” back to him. If you bring back an actual apple and Bob gets upset, give him an orange. You still following?

Doing The Opposite
Did you see what I did there?

Make up trivial “lies”. This is where you start to dream up some new scenarios with the information you’ve been learning from your peers. For example, if Natalie is a gym junkie make believe she’s actually a body builder that can’t stop power posing each time she passes your desk. Ya feel?

Tell Trivial Lies
Bill says it’s okay…

So there you have it, a few starters to help you fast track your way to becoming the funniest person at work. Now get cracking!

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