Games that will make you funnier

Games that will make you funnier

Games that will make you funnier

Here at Gigglr, we really believe that funny can be learnt. If you’ve ever wanted how to be funnier try these games out:

The Comeback Game – This game requires at least two people and it all starts with the first player naming an idea (anything really e.g. “I’m going to buy a Lexus!”) to which the next player tops (e.g. “Well, I’m going to buy two Lexi!”.). Then the next player raises the ante and so on and so forth. The point of this game is to develop your ability to think on your feet and in turn produce new funny. If you have no friends, stand in front of a mirror and begin.

Battlefield 3 – Within the first ten seconds of entering battle you will die and quickly learn that “fag” is dished out like hotcakes. But this is all that’s required to toughen a sissy up. Play for a month and you’ll be primed to hurl back original regurgitated insults tenfold. We all know angry people are funny people.

The Caption Game – Grab a newspaper or women’s magazine and write a new caption with every interesting image you come across. By the end of the game you’ll have mashed out a few hundred new titles for Kim Kardashian’s fat traps (legs) to help sharpen that wit stick of yours.

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