3 YouTube Channel Ideas You Can Start Today

3 YouTube channel ideas you can start today

Ever wanted to make cool and funny videos for a new YouTube channel? Well here are some original ideas we’ve come up with that you can start today:

  • Skulling contest – Grab a friend, a stopwatch and a pair of 7-Eleven slurpees. Now chug, film, experience brain freeze and then upload. To mix things up, try different beverages and maybe even introduce new rules i.e. spin around 10 times before skulling.
  • Foreign food challenges – Get people to send you food from around the globe for you to eat on camera. Start by getting your distant relatives to mail you long life delicacies like dehydrated bulls balls or WWII dated Nordic sardines and work from there.
  • Staring contests – Sit two players in a room to battle each other in an epic eyeballing exhibition. Whoever laughs first loses. Make things interesting by allowing each player an attempt to psyche the each other out. Keep going back and forth between players until hilarity ensues.

What do you think?

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