3 practical tips on being funnier

3 Practical Tips On Being Funnier

3 practical tips on being funnier

Go to memegenerator.net and write your own meme^ – Here you’ll get to see how others construct their jokes and see how well you stack up against the rest of the world. The other great thing about this site is you are given the history of the meme itself and the exact formula to make your sure your meme is a success. Here’s one we prepared earlier with Futurama character Fry > THE MEME <

Go to Yahoo Answers and write funny responses to those ridiculous questions – Google search “funny yahoo answers” and you will find plenty of sites dedicated to the weird and stupid questions of this comedy gold mine. Here you can master the skill of absurdity to deliver a killer retort worthy enough of being hailed for eternity. Here’s one we chuckled at > HOW DO YOU…OH OKAY <

Grab some Post It notes and walk the city – Supermarket stands, bus stop posters, restroom ads and even cinemas are just some of the places you’ll find great opportunities to make funny. Here’s a classic sticky-less joke that hits a man right in the feels > WHY YOU LOOKING UP HERE? <


^What is a meme? A meme in blogspeak, is an idea that is spread from blog to blog. It’s basically one of the Internet’s running jokes

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