3 places you can use to get new material

3 places you can use to get new material
  1. The nightly news – The good old idiot box can jam pack your fanny pack with material you can use in another context. See this gem from Channel 10: Channel 10 – Small Package. It’s centimetre perfect.

  2. A pre-school play – Kids are assholes, but sometimes they say the darndest things. Just check this video out: Kids Say The Darndest Things – YouTube. The best thing about this, is you can steal their material and there’s nothing the little fuckers can do about it.

  3. Centrelink – Wait by the phone station and you’ll learn that Shazza is sleeping with Dazza who’s also sleeping with his sister Tazza because she broke up with her beau, Gazza who’s cheating on Shazza. Centrelink is soap opera full of interesting and complex characters; use it to your advantage.

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